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       from a dream to reality...       



For many years, I lived the crazy life of a New York City corporate executive working for a worldwide Investment Bank; I worked hard and played harder. After the sudden and tragic loss of my father, I pulled up my roots and moved to Georgia; there had to be more to this thing called life and I was going to do my best to find myself a new adventure.


I went back to school and earned a degree in horticulture and have never looked back, plants are my passion and my love keeps growing. 


I live a simpler life now, garden for 11 months of the year and preserve a lot of my bounty. I started with jams, pickles, everything tomato and now it has grown to ketchup, mustard, soups, stews and much, much, more. 


I began with a few lavender plants and soon found myself obsessed with its beauty, heady aroma, and medicinal properties. My hobby turned into a passion, and my passion is now my new adventure. 


I’ve also made my own remedies, balms, and various beauty products for years. Friends kept telling me I should sell my creations, I’d scoff and explain how a hobby was no longer fun when it became a job; I was wrong, I’ve never been happier in my life. 


Thank you for visiting. 

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