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At Big Creek Lavender Farm, we're constantly making and creating new products, those that we love, we offer to you! We also have several products that we've offered for years like our

Bugs Away spray and "No Itch" Jewelweed Product line.


Our naturally derived insect deterrent works almost as well as Deet and we have a bit of science to back up our claim. 

Science Daily has this to say about the American Beauty Berry, “Swatting mosquitoes and dodging other biting bugs is nearly a year-round chore in the Southeast, but such pests are swarming across the country with the advent of summer weather. A traditional folk remedy, known among people in Mississippi's hill country for at least a century, may provide some relief without all the worries of DEET and other harsh chemicals.” 

We created our Bugs Away spray from the Native plant, American Beauty Berry and kicked it up a notch with Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil.  We prepare freshly harvested American Beauty Berry using an infusion process for over 24 hours to create the base for our product. We pair our ABB infusion with essential oils and the result is a pleasant, long-lasting, and very effective product.

Below are two articles on American Beauty Berry

Science Daily

American Chemical Society 


Our Extra Strength Jewelweed roll-on is a must have during the spring and summer season! Native Americans, including the tribes of the Cherokee, Iroquois, Mohegan’s, and Ojibwas used Jewelweed to heal poison ivy/oak rashes, nettle stings, hives, burns, and even the measles. The plant contains several chemicals that have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-itching properties. It also takes away the swelling and itching associated with mosquito bites, horsefly bites, rashes and more. 

"The Results of a Clinical Study,  in which a 1:4 jewelweed preparation was compared for its effectiveness with other standard poison ivy dermatitis treatments was published in 1958 (Annals of Allerty 1958;16:526-527). Of 115 patients treated with jewelweed, 108 responded ‘most dramatically to the topical application of this medication and were entirely relieved of their symptoms within 2 or 3 days after the institution of treatment.' It was concluded that jewelweed is an excellent substitute for ACTH and the corticosteroids in the treatment of poison ivy dermatitis. The active principle in the plant responsible for this activity remains unidentified."   by Varro Tyler, PhD in his book HERBS OF CHOICE

A member of the Impatiens family, Jewelweed blooms May through October in the eastern part of North America from

Southern Canada to the northern part of Florida. 

Our No Itch Roll-On, salve, and soap is made from Jewelweed cuttings harvested from the north Georgia Mountains. For the Roll-On, we infuse the Jewelweed in vodka for over a year to extract as much of the medicinal properties as feasibly possible. We then added essential oils of peppermint and lavender. For the soap, we infuse fresh Jewelweed into food grade olive oil for over 24 hours creating a rich, thick, beautiful base. 

As with all essential oils, use caution if pregnant or with young children. Do not apply to open wounds or broken skin as burning or stinging may be experienced. 




Arnica has been used topically for centuries for pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches, and sprains; it has also been used to treat insect bites, arthritis, muscle, cartilage pain, chapped lips, and acne.

Calendula is applied to the skin to reduce pain and swelling and to treat wounds and leg ulcers.

We put these two plants together and created our Arnica Oil Blend. And while you should never put Arnica Oil on an open wound, calendula can help speed the healing process of bruises.  We added peppermint essential oil to help with muscle aches, ginger oil for warmth, comfort, and to soothe and reduce inflammation; and camphor for pain relief.


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